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Our Story


RGM Global Media Marketing & Advertising has an incredible 24-year history of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right tools to make magic.  Every day, we work with the world’s most recognized brands creating digital content, global marketing campaigns, and audience engagement software. We utilize years of experience to sustain a direct line of communication and engagement between our client’s and their customers.

RGM has evolved in name and scope since 1994, but our mission remains unchanged: We help clients convert untapped reach into brand awareness and sales. This means many things to different people. For our clients, it means we use all technological means available to help you achieve your business dreams and goals.


Our Expertise Since 1994

Marketing, Advertising, Branding

24-years creating industry-changing campaigns for media companies, TV networks, film studios, celebrities, distributors, and music talent.

Digital Content Development

Cross-platform apps, games, e-commerce platforms, audio & video production, Facebook developer, travel, fashion, beauty products.

Electronic Distribution & Sales

Launched 11 electronic distribution channels for major media companies, film distributors, record labels, software clients, and non-profit organizations.

Music Production & Marketing

Our original music makes our client's brands “stand-out” from everyone else. Audio branding, videos, concerts, live performances.

Live Events and Exhibitions

Red carpet arrivals, movie premieres, after-parties, exhibitions, performances, fashion shows, product demonstrations, and seminars.

Consulting and Strategic Planning

24-years developing digital business models, production methodologies, marketing plans, financial plans, and security protocols.




Company  Vision

RGM Global MMA thrives as one of the digital entertainment industry’s most accomplished and revered independent media companies. With 20+ years of expertise, RGM’s client and project history have revolutionized digital content production and electronic distribution for many of the world’s most recognized brands.

RGM Global MMA’s 20+ year client and project history defined today’s digital media industry – forever changing the methods by which customers learn about, interact with, follow, and buy your products. We are in the business of breaking sales records, making people famous, and attracting new customers beyond your existing reach. In summary: We make your brand visible to the world.

RGM uses all platforms and development technologies to help clients prosper in today’s digital economy. We must all move quickly and be proficient in multiple methods of digital marketing and audience reach. We utilize our vast expertise to help you attract your target audience on multiple devices – via apps, social media, streaming audio & video networks, blogs, fan sites, and physical locations. Most importantly, we help you convert your untapped reach into brand awareness and sales.

Company Evolution  RGM Global MMA

Clients: KCOP-TV: Television Specials, EXTRA -- The Entertainment Magazine, Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Interactive Cinematography, News of the Future, Medical Holography.

1993-1994: RG Consulting

Clients: Warner Bros. Corporate Marketing & Advertising, Time-Life Video, EXTRA Online, Cindy Margolis, McDonalds, DDB Needham, Warner Bros. Records, Maverick Records, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Time Inc. Pathfinder

1995: RG Consulting

Clients: Warner Bros. Online, Warner Bros. Television, Warner Bros. Pictures, Telepictures, Warner Home Video, Six Flags Theme Parks, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Warner Bros. Animation

1996: RG Consulting

Consultation in emerging media platforms. Conferences in New York, San Jose, London, Hong Kong. Develop global talent resources for entertainment software: set-top devices, gaming units, mobile networks. Develop global network of producers, talent, distribution, and marketing.

2000: Broadband Investment Group, Inc.

Console software development for AAA videogame titles and development of 'Project Genesis' digital entertainment series. Business development, artist development, and music development.

2003: BIG Games

Software development, video production, marketing, and business development for DeYoung + Parker Advertising. Yahoo!, C|Net, Gamestop, NY Times, Devo, TiVo. Business development, digital distribution, piracy prevention, digital content security at LADB.

2006-2008: RG Consulting

Acquired First Haircut Productions and merged prior consulting businesses into new Marketing & Advertising company. Specialize in digital distribution and direct-to-audience attraction for TV shows, celebrities, music, fashion, travel, e-commerce platforms, and product sales.

2009-2016: RGM: RG Media Group, LLC

Company reorganizes into RGM Global Media Marketing & Advertising in summer 2016. Company continues expanding content available through 3 brands: RGM, TIM, and BIG Games.

2016: RGM Global MMA

RGM develops its 7th, 8th, and 9th enterprise software applications and begins re-branding them as 'TIM - The Agency Operating System.' TIM increases productivity and gives you time to do more things. Time Is Money.

2017: TIM - The Agency OS

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