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Meet T I M The Agency Operating System


Everyone working in digital marketing knows … some projects take a long time to complete. Especially when the cost of labor and technology is expensive and complicated.

In the thousands of projects we have produced, RGM has accumulated years of wisdom into “what it takes” to be productive in the era of digital media. We observe “where” clients get stuck when working with technology; “what” types of productivity tools help them gain greater efficiency with their time; and “how” to use smart technology to reduce labor costs and maximize “timing” and “speed to market.”


The Ultimate For Your Business

T I M saves Time and Money by decreasing digital marketing campaign launch-time from weeks to days. TIM manages labor, creates digital promotions, directs audience behavior, and maximizes audience conversion via online learning, social games, and secure audience engagement. TIM is seamless, engaging, fun, and useful – 24/7.  

  • Implementing Technology Requirements Plan
  • Managing Key Tasks with In-House and Out-Sourced Staff
  • Fast Publishing Design, Programming, Promotional Content
  • Publish Once, Distribute Across Client Websites and Social Media Platforms
  • iFrame Expanded Facebook Content, Promote Everywhere
  • Recover Invested Ad Campaign Dollars and Jump-Start Viral reach
Imagine what else you can do in a day - and how many more clients you can serve each week when you shave hours off the time it takes to launch your digital marketing campaigns and promotions. Now multiply those hours times 5 days, and consider the valuable time you are adding "back into" your staff’s work week. 


TIM saves Time and Money, because Time Is Money. 


*Licensed exclusively to BIG Games and RGM Global Media & Marketing. Available to license at your Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations organization in 2018.



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