BIG Games' Project Genesis

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  • Author, Develop, and Manage IP of globally anticipated cross-platform video game series for XBOX and PlayStation game platforms
  • Character development, story development, graphic design development, interactive game design, and usability studies
  • Head music production, talent agreements, financing, distribution, sales, and marketing strategies



RGM is the marketing and development partner of the Project Genesis game series for XBOX and PlayStation, including creative development, partnerships, talent, and distribution.

Original characters, story, and music soundtracks are highly anticipated by game player worldwide. Project Genesis is an episodic series with likely crossover into Virtual and Augmented Reality gameplay. The first Game prototype received awards for design and packaging.

Project Genesis is one of the most anticipated new gaming franchises – coming soon.



Project Genesis takes players on an action-packed adventure through a multidimensional world where consciousness and perception shape life as we know it in the 21st century. Every fast-paced game challenge has an adrenalin-pumping soundtrack that feverishly drives the original and all-too familiary storyines — without resorting to shooting, killing, and global destruction. The only hope for survival comes through the hands of One person, the choices made, and the courage to transcend a world that is unraveling in front of your eyes.

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