Bob Thole

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  • Category: Music
  • Added By: RGM
  • Date Added: Jul 13, 2017
  • Customer: Bob Thole, Dennis Haysbert, GS Management Group, Inc
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  • Original Music Score, Composing, Live Orchestration, Recording, and Post Production Engineering
  • Original Music Score for Virtual Reality Software, Enhance User Experience and Create “Real-Like” VR Universes where Virtual Exploration is Enhanced by Music
  • Original Score for Music and Video Production of Promotions, Previews, Film, Television, and Software Score 



RGM develops original music scores for commercials, promotions, and software with international music producer and composer, Bob Thole.

Projects include original music scores for Trivia Games, Virtual Reality, commercials, voiceovers, and promotions.

Bob composed an interactive, original song for Dennis Haysbert’s official website. Users visiting the site hear real-time mixes of “Central Station” while browsing Mr. Haysbert’s site. When different sections of the site are selected, the instruments in the music change while streaming a consistent beat, orchestration, and rhythmic song that enhances the online experience.

Bob’s talent and music composition helped earn 4 award nominations by the Mobile Excellence Organization: Best Mobile Game, Best Mobile Application, and twice for Best Original Content – for Dennis series of online Trivia Games.