Dennis Haysbert

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  • Manage Social Media Channels, Author Original Content, Manage Advertising, and Audience Engagement/Retention
  • Collaborate with Film Distributors and Television networks to Cross-Promote All Content Releases
  • Collaborate content release promotions with Universal, Fox, CBS, NBC, TBN, Sony, Netflix, Warner Bros., and more
  • Develop Sweepstakes, Target Audience Promotions, and Workflow for International Releases
  • Software Development, Programming, Production, Electronic Distribution



RGM Global MMA is the Digital Agency of Record for Dennis Haysbert, his DH6 Signature Clothing Line, and Creator of his library of award-nominated Digital Content.

Dennis considers RGM his resident “group of scientists,” earning multiple award nominations and worldwide recognition for his commerce sites, his social media sites, and his Trivia Games Volumes 1-7.

RGM collaborates with all studio and television distributors and production companies to make sure his global fan base is aware of every project he releases. We also manage ad buys, targeted promotions, and “live” online chats across social media platforms.

RGM’s Trivia Game software has earned Dennis 4 award nominations by the Mobile Excellence Organization: Best Mobile Game, Best Mobile Application, and twice for Best Original Content. Development includes scriptwriting, audio engineering, original music production, studio Voiceover recording, programming, distribution, promotion, and audience retention.