Project Genesis - Coming to Xbox One X

In The Beginning

Project Genesis

The Ultimate Thrill is About to Begin!

Project Gensis Xbox One X - Coming Soon

Project Genesis delivers the most advanced interactive videogame series ever deployed on a console platform. Action, adventure, and heart-pounding storylines immerse players into journeys of triumph and despair, where "cause and effect" scenarios challenge players to think, react, and make choices amidst chaotic themes relevant to every day life.

Thomas Wakkata, Hayden Church, and Fidelity Kastrow have made a startling discovery: Someone or something is causing calamities that are sending people scrambling for protection.  Through their eyes, players pursue people and places through a multi-dimensional world that provokes "thought" and "perspective" about “Life in the 21st Century.” 

Fast paced, action-packed, with an adrenalin pumping soundtrack that feeds the insanity. Survival comes through the hands of one person, the choices made, and the ability to transcend a world unraveling in front of your eyes. 

Are you up for the task?




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