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RGM thrives as one of the digital entertainment industry’s most accomplished and revered independent media companies. We specialize in Digital Content Production, Electronic Marketing & Advertising, Software & Gaming, E-commerce & Digital Distribution.  Clients call us when they need great ideas, and when they need help, ASAP.

Our 24+ year client and project history has defined today’s digital economy – forever changing the methods by which customers learn about, interact with, follow, and buy your products. We are in the business of breaking sales records, making people famous, and attracting new customers beyond your existing reach.



We Help Clients Perfect Their Digital Business

Digital Media Planning, Budgeting, Media Development, Software Design, Production, Marketing, Distribution, Electronic Sales.

We Create Marketing & Advertising Campaigns That Reach Global Audiences

Our focus is everything digital. We work with Movie Studios, TV Networks, Musicians & Labels, Celebrities, Software Developers, E-Commerce Sites, and Digital Distribution Companies.

We Create Software Specific To Client Needs

RGM owns 3 great brands that make software for the Internet, Mobile Phones, Game Consoles, and Promotional Campaigns.

We Get Client Projects Back on Track

Sometimes... clients need another opinion. Does their plan still make sense? Is the business model sound? Is something missing? We know digital media. We have answers.

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Our Speed-to-Market Fuels Your Success

Speed-to-market is the most important factor in a successful digital media camaign. Great ideas, fast turn-around, high-quality content, and knowing how to engage your audience are essential. RGM owns three amazing brands that attract, retain, and convert your audiences.  When time is of the essence, clients call RGM.




3 Amazing Brands

Attract, Engage, and Retain Your Global Audience

RGM Global
Media, Marketing, Advertising

Multi-Screen Digital Content, Cross-Platform Direct-to-Audience Marketing, Learn More.

Meet TIM
The Agency Operating System

Maximizing Productivity for Ad Agencies, PR Agencies, and Marketing Agencies. Do More, Faster. Learn More!

BIG Games
Digital Entertainment

Cross-Platform Software on Xbox One X, Windows, iOS, and Android. Learn more!

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